Film Editor. Storyteller. Consultant.



When I meet with a potential client, there are two questions I'm sure to ask:  What is your story and who is your audience?  There's no right answer.  It's the beginning of a conversation that will last throughout our work together.  A film's story, as obvious as it all may seem on the big screen, is equally as mysterious in watching the dailies. I'll often use the phrase "found the story", because its there in the footage waiting to be sculpted out. Editing is as much about what to include as what to exclude, what to juxtapose as what to build, and the beats within a scene as the overall arc.  Typically, I am not given a script or an outline. Instead I develop the story through the building of scenes, which becomes the building of themes, and later a beginning, middle, and end.  I ask myself: what is the state of the world for the audience: what do they know, how do they feel about it, what do they learn, how far do they travel, and how do they feel at the end? I believe test audience screenings are extremely valuable for identifying problems and less helpful in identifying solutions. The thrill for me is creating something that works; that expands the worldview of an audience and makes them approach life the next day a little differently.


Although I'm best-known for my work as a documentary feature editor, I also cut narrative films, promotional videos, trailers, and internal corporate R&D videos. My strength is seeing the connections in the research and communicating it as a story. In addition to editing work, I also am available as a story consultant (pre-production or post).



Alive and Kicking  /  ATM / Dammed to Extinction / Esperanza's Turn / Family Victim / Fish & Men / Hello World / Homeskillet / Hooters! The Making of Older, Wiser Lesbian Cinema / The Last Nutcracker / Malika's Burqa / MisLEAD: America's Secret Epidemic / Piti a Piti / Possession / Prom-troversy / Quixote / Singles Night / SOAR / Urban Roots / The 11th Hour / 40 Years of Silence



A little bit about me:

I am a freelance film editor with 15+ years of post-production experience in narrative, documentary, corporate, clip shows, and commercial work. Under the mentorship of Academy Award winning editor Pietro Scalia, I cut my first feature 40 years of Silence about the 1965 mass killings in Indonesia.  I received my BFA in Film/TV production at NYU's Tisch School of the Arts, meaning my parents were crazy enough to let me live on my own in Manhattan at 18.  Although you may think I'm a dancer from my plethora of dance films, I actually have two left feet and while we're on the subject, I'm bad at karaoke too.  My true passion lies in penguins.  My work comes from all over the globe, but I am based in Portland, Oregon.

Resume available upon request.