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Thank you Hood River!

On June 4th, Dammed to Extinction screened in Hood River. I was excited to see this slapped on the poster outside the theater!


Not only did we sell out, we actually OVERSOLD the theater. Some people who purchased tickets in advance didn’t show and five minutes before the screening we let in the waitlist. I think that’s first time I’ve ever had a film oversell an independent theater.


Wow, look at the crowds in this blurry low-light photo! The Hood River audience was fantastic; they laughed, cried, and clapped! The Q&A lasted almost as long as the film. The questions were so insightful, even I learned something (which is surprising given how much I immersed myself in this subject matter). I was inspired by the teens in the audience who asked some of the most critical questions of all.


We sold lots of T-shirts like this one and sent postcards to our Governor calling for the removal of the dams. People wandered the lobby afterwards waiting to ask even more questions. I received a few compliments on my editing of the film. The theater kicked us out at 9:30 and we went out for celebratory drinks. It was a bit of a late night, so I ended up crashing in Hood River.


It’s not all glamour! Look at the time! Hitting the road bright and early for another day in the creative cave.

Heidi Zimmerman