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So... Have you done any work recently?

This question was asked by a potential client at a meeting a few weeks back. It caught me off guard. For the past year, I have been so busy working that I’ve had to turn offers down and even then I felt like there wasn’t enough time to catch my breath. I have upwards of a two dozen client hard drives stacked in my closet. Where would anyone get this impression? I mean, I haven’t even had the time to update my website, my blog, my resume, my linked-in profile…

Does anyone else hear that clicking sound?

Here’s a few highlights from my gray, basement cave.

North / Columbia Sportswear / Bucket List FKT

Last summer, I worked with the talented team at North to capture ultrarunner Joe McConaughy’s FKT attempt for the ridiculously tough Wicklow Round. Joe’s positivity and mental strength are just as impressive as his physical prowess. It’s received 3.1 million views.

Fish & Men

Where does your seafood come from? How is it regulated? Who catches it and who processes it? If you are anything like me, I’m sure the answer will surprise you. I joined this feature documentary directed by Adam Jones and Darby Duffin in February 2018. We’ve whittled down 20 TB of material into an eye-opening 85 minutes. We are hoping to lock picture shortly.

Dammed to Extinction

There are 76 remaining Southern Resident Killer Whales in the world. With chinook salmon runs on the decline, these beloved Pacific Northwest icons are literally starving to death. But if we act now, we can save these whales by restoring the ecosystem through targeted dam removal. This past fall, I teamed up with Michael Peterson and Steven Hawley to craft a 50 minute documentary.

Heidi Zimmerman